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mailboxalert 0.4

2006-01-22 | Permalink

Fixed some bugs in Mailbox alert. Go get it.

clcms 0.3

2006-01-17 | Permalink

I’ve released a new version of clcms (0.3, Changelog)

This new site layout is rendered with it. Oh i know it looks bad in IE, get a standards-compliant browser. I’ll probably change it soon anyway (mostly to try out the capabilities of clcms)

clcms 0.2

2005-12-23 | Permalink

Stop the press! It’s a new clcms beta!

clcms 0.2

I’ve fixed a whole bunch of bugs, and also added some very nice features, it’s almost shaping up to be something nice now :)

mailboxalert 0.3

2005-12-22 | Permalink

There’s a new version of Mailboxalert (0.3).

The main change is that the allowed Thunderbird version is now 1.0 - 1.9+ so that 1.5 also accepts it. I have not done extensive testing but it seems to work. If not, let me know.

p.s. To the person who mailed me about this: my response to you bounced, so i couldn’t mail you back…

clcms 0.1

2005-12-04 | Permalink

Okay i’m slowly getting there: clcms version 0.1 is there! This site has been generated with it and so has the tutorial, but that’s about all it can do at the moment.


2005-12-01 | Permalink

I have been working on a new “content management” system for a few days, and it’s able to create my website now, so to test it, i’ve moved my complete website to the generated one. The pages are in different places than before, and i have placed some redirects, but i may have missed some. So sorry in advance for that.

So if i find the time next week, I’ll try to write up some documentation and do an alpha release.

To keep you interested, here are the initial design goals:

  • Content is stored in a directory tree
  • Adding pages (or items?) should be as easy as creating a new file and typing some lines in it.
  • For default pages/items no config necessary
  • No HTML or anything alike for normal usage
  • All pages have their binary content (images, download files) in the directory of the page itself
  • All output is static, no generating on the fly

Apart from a few pages (CV, the rr types list and Photos, i just copied those from my old site) the whole site is html-generated from a few include files. The site map page is done by a configuration-on-the-spot trick.

linktag 0.8

2005-11-14 | Permalink

New version of Linktag: 0.8. It got posted on The Extensions Mirror and of course I had to fix the most pressing annoyances immediately :) Oh boy oh boy.

mailboxalert 0.1

2005-10-27 | Permalink

I’ve built an extension for Mozilla Thunderbird that lets you specify system commands when new mail arrives, on a per folder basis. See the Mailbox Alert page.


2005-07-25 | Permalink

Added a test page for DNSSEC. 1 URL has a verifiable secure dns entry for the given key, and the other has not (i mangled the signature of that one).

linktag 0.7

2005-06-09 | Permalink

Added preferences dialog to Linktag, you can now turn off the menu options and statusbar icon, and change the form of the tag if you wish. Page.