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2005-12-01 | Permalink

I have been working on a new “content management” system for a few days, and it’s able to create my website now, so to test it, i’ve moved my complete website to the generated one. The pages are in different places than before, and i have placed some redirects, but i may have missed some. So sorry in advance for that.

So if i find the time next week, I’ll try to write up some documentation and do an alpha release.

To keep you interested, here are the initial design goals:

  • Content is stored in a directory tree
  • Adding pages (or items?) should be as easy as creating a new file and typing some lines in it.
  • For default pages/items no config necessary
  • No HTML or anything alike for normal usage
  • All pages have their binary content (images, download files) in the directory of the page itself
  • All output is static, no generating on the fly

Apart from a few pages (CV, the rr types list and Photos, i just copied those from my old site) the whole site is html-generated from a few include files. The site map page is done by a configuration-on-the-spot trick.