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2008-07-02 | Permalink

Okay, one of these days I’m going to misuse this news page to put forth some wishes, or other things I would like to do or see done in the near future.

I’ll keep the topics to possible software projects, not unattainable stuff like world peace, or finding true love.

The idea is mostly to sort my head around various ideas I’ve got floating around in my mind for quite some time now, and maybe sorting them out and putting them down will get me far enough to actually start doing some of them. Or, alternatively, drop some of them altogether, so my head has more room for other stuff.

If anyone thinks some ideas are better than great, and would like to either do them or start some form of collaboration, drop me a line.

Of course I’m not going to put one up right away, if you’re interested, just check back in a few days.