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Small Stuff

Here you can find some small stuff like little scripts that can make life just that bit easier, but that weren’t big enough to have their own page.


Here’s a little script that randomly chooses mp3 files from a directory tree and copies them to another directory (or for instance your mp3 player).

It defaults to 230 megabytes but you can give another value if you want.

There is not really much in the error-checking department (like existence of directories) but i think you’ll survive :)


Running munin, or mrtg? Want to be able to see their graphs on your desktop?

Yesterday i discovered Telak, but i had some problems integrating it with my gnome setup;

  • The images don’t show through transparent terminals
  • Nautilus Icons and images don’t mix
  • It takes a LOT of resources (my Xorg went up to 60-80% cpu time, with telak taking the rest…

So i had the idea to download the images once every interval, and integrating them in the background image itself. An (unfortunately not so quick) update with gconftool-2 should then do the rest.

The result is gwallscript, you can specify a base image, and a set of images to put on top of it (and of course sizes and locations).

So if you want to try it out, you can download, and a sample .gwallscriptrc config file.

The base image is copied/downloaded once, and every seconds, the other images are fetched. I’ve got it set up with munin and mrtg graphs, and an interval of every 10 minutes (updates take a few secs in gnome…).

By the way, you need wget installed, as well as the convert and composite tools from ImageMagick.