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Philips Hue rf remote control

The Philips Hue lights are awesome, but it can get a bit tiresome to start that phone app, probably wait for the wifi to connect, and then select your scenario.

TBH, the app serves pretty wel to configure scenarios, but I am not a really big fan of its interface.

I want buttons! Actual, physical buttons.

I also wanted to do something with RF anyway to see how it works.

Combine those to, and you get a remote for your Hues!

The receiving end it currently still just a breadboard and an Arduino, plugged into a computer running a python control script, but version 1 of the remote is finished.

As you can maybe see, it has 5 buttons, for 5 scenarios (one being ‘off’), and one slider to set the brightness.

Here’s the ’normal’ scenario, and dimmed:

And for those emergencies, all lights set to red:

I may post a larger build report later, with more details (and perhaps some code), but for now I’ll leave you with some keywords; ATTiny84, Cosa libraries, lots of wires (I really need to figure out how to make custom pcbs), and the case was printed on an Ultimaker.

On to v2 ;)