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Updated RRType List

Today, the page with DNS RR types got a little bit of attention, and made a short round on twitter. Which of course reminded me that I had not updated it for quite some time now.

There were some nice ideas from @digdns and @Habbie, most importantly a way to automatically match it to the official IANA page, and a more parseable page (in, for instance, xml) for others to use (Thanks btw :)).

I had originally just made the list directly in HTML, which is of course no way to go, and I’m almost ashamed to admit it.

But now I have written a nice little script that reads a csv file and generates the page. It also matches entries on the official IANA registry to see if it is missing any. It does not (yet?) see if the data is correct, since I’m storing different data in my list.

This script also has the potential to output something parseable, but I have not gotten to that yet, I first want to do the checking better.

Anyway, I did update the list, fixed a few entries, and added missing ones.

Happy, er, rrtyping!