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Moving to Blogofile

clcms has served me well for the past 6 years, but it is time to move on. I wanted to do some things that it didn’t really support, to make my site more, well, ‘bloggy’, and had almost started an entire new project for it, but I figured there are just too many static site generators available.

So I scoured the wastelands of the Internet, and after a long and arduous journey, found Blogofile.

Or well, it was one of the 3 frameworks I considered, and this one had a quote from Spaceballs in its documentation. Score. It also happened to look and behave almost exactly like what I had in mind for clcms-v2.

Over the weekend I’ve been moving my site over, and I got to the point where I’m comfortable enough with it to make the switch. I did make some custom templates and hacked the blog controller in a few ways. I may even post about them shortly, now that I have an Official Blog (tm).

So as of now, this site is proudly powered by Blogofile! (applause, beer all around). You can enjoy the biggest new feature, an RSS feed, right away (see the bottom of the page).

During the move, I did remove some legacy pages (like clcms, which is now officially retired), and updated the looks a trivial amount, but nothing too big yet. If you want to see the difference, if you are missing something, or if something that used to work does no longer, I kept the old site around for now at

But if there’s anything wrong with the site, please let me know :)

I’m not entirely done yet; I want to create some filters for easier linking within posts and pages, and I need to go through all my old entries and add categories. And maybe, if I can stomach the CSS, I’ll even update the looks a bit more. And then there’s a lot of things I want to add, but we’ll get to that when we get to that.

For now I’m just gonna enjoy having a new framework to manage my site.

Happy browsing!