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Curriculum Vitae of Jelte Jansen

Personal Information

  • Name: Jelte Jansen
  • Nationality: Dutch



  • Hands-on experience in protocol and standards implementation

    • DNS, DNSSEC, TCP/IP, HTTP(s), AS2, AS4, PEPPOL, SMTP, S/MIME, PKCS#11, X509, XSD, Schematron
  • Experienced with the following Programming languages

    • C, C++, Go, Python, Perl, Java, Javascript, Lua


Smaller publications (blogs and non-reviewed articles) can be found on and

Employment History

  • 2018-present: Ionite

    • Description: Consultancy, technology development, and services regarding electronic invoicing
    • Function: Founder, Consultant
    • Tasks: Management, Consultancy, Protocol development, Software development
    • Specifics:
  • 2013-2023: Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland

    • Description: Foundation that administrates the .nl country-code top-level domain
    • Function: Research Engineer
    • Tasks: Technical Advisor, Internet protocol research and development
    • Specifics:
      • Technical project lead of SPIN
      • Technical project lead of SIDN Valibox
      • Involved in protocol design and standardization (IETF, RIPE)
      • Technical Lead SimplerInvoicing (SI-UBL and PEPPOL transport) (2017-2018)
      • Prototype Development for new protocols and services, this ranges from brand new services, such as the Domain name Surveillance system (, to extensions of the PEPPOL Transport network (
      • Member of the Privacy Board at SIDN, as a technical expert
      • Editor for Privacy & Informatie ( (2016-2018)
      • Program Committee Member for RIPE Meetings ( (2015-2017, 2018-2021)
      • Member of the Board of Advisors for SIDN Fund (
  • 2009-2013: Internet Systems Consortium

    • Description: Non-profit public benefit organization that produces and distributes quality Open Source software, and provides professional services based on that software.
    • Function: Software Engineer
    • Tasks: Software design, Software development, Protocol engineering, Scrum Master, member of Best Practices board
    • Specifics:
      • Design and development of the [](BIND 10) software.
      • Involved in standards work at the Internet Engineering Task Force
      • Scrum master. Since ISC is a very distributed company, with small teams consisting of people working all over the world, this involved applying the Scrum methodology as befits our team, which posed a unique set of challenges.
      • Represented my engineering team at a best practices board, where common practices from different teams were combined and formed into a set of company-wide best practices for software engineering.
  • 2004-2009: NLnet Labs

    • Description: Foundation to develop, implement, evaluate, and promote new protocols and applications for the Internet.
    • Function: Developer
    • Tasks: Research, development, protocol engineering, application testing, systems maintenance
    • Specifics:
      • One of the two original developers of the ldns DNS library, a C library to simplify DNS programming. It supports RFCs like the DNSSEC documents (RFC4033-4035). Apart from being a general library, this contains several specific tools, amongst which:
        • Simple Resolver and debugging tool (drill)
        • DNSSEC signer (ldns-signzone)
        • DNSSEC validator (drill)
        • DNS traffic analyzer (ldns-dpa)
        • DNSSEC zone walker (ldns-walk)
      • With ldns, created an example and interoperability testing implementation for the DNSSEC extension NSEC3 (
      • Involved in the creation and validation of several RFCs, most notably RFC4033-4035, RFC4648 and RFC5155.
      • Developer and maintainer of a second iteration of NLnet Labs’ and RIPE NCC’s DISTEL Testlab, a test setup for performance and regression testing of DNS authoritative servers. Created a way to do basic classifications of differences between server implementations. Reimplemented the control and configuration tools of the testlab in Python.
      • Provided assistance with the design and code reviews of NSD 3, an authoritative name server.
      • Provided assistance with the design and code reviews of Unbound, a validating recursive name server
      • Involved in the first iteration of the OpenDNSSEC software suite. Mainly responsible for the initial signing engine, and transparent abstraction from HSM devices.
  • 2000-2004: First8 B.V. (part-time)

    • Description: ICT Company specialized in creating inter- and intra-net applications
    • Function: Software Engineer
    • Tasks: Design and development of Java-based Internet applications
  • 1998-2000: InterNLnet B.V. (part-time)

    • Description: Internet Provider
    • Function: Helpdesk for an Internet provider.
    • Tasks: Provide technical help to customers with their network and Internet connections

Other Functions

  • 2019-2022: RIPE Programme Committee
    • Description: Planning and presentation selection for RIPE meetings
    • Function: Member
  • 2017-2023: SIDN Fonds Advisory Board
    • Description: Review project proposals and funding requests, general advice for SIDN Fonds
    • Function: Member
  • 2016-2018: Editor for Privacy & Informatie (
    • Description: Review submitted articles on Privacy in the information sector, write news and opinion articles
    • Function: Editor


  • High school: Gymnasium Beekvliet
  • University: University of Nijmegen (now known as Radboud University)
    • Master’s degree in Computing Science
    • Graduated on Security and Development
    • Aia Master award for master thesis Slicing Midlets


  • Several personal projects can be found on and
    • One notable personal project is Mailbox Alert (AMO link), an addon for Thunderbird with over 16.000 daily users.
  • 1999 - 2001: Chair of Thalia, the student association for Computing Science at the University of Nijmegen
  • 2000 - 2001: Treasurer of ‘Stichting Beet’, a student association encompassing the technology studies at the University of Nijmegen
  • 2001 - 2002: Chair of ‘Stichting Beet’